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Q - When is woodborer flight season?
A - Usually between Septembers to March (Sumer conditions) they perform a nuptial flight with the primary purpose of mating, which leads to the adult female injecting larvae into the same / nearby or neighboring properties.

Q How long is the Certificate valid for?

A – The entomology certificate is valid for 90 Days from the date it’ has been issued.

QWhy do I need to vacate my home for tent fumigation?

A – Certain treatments require you to vacate for between 24 -72 hours as the gas is a lethal fumigant.

Q What is the difference between White ants and wood borer?

A – White ants also known as termites live underground and come to the surface to move timber chewings to the nests below.

Wood borer fly into the building where the female injects her larvae into timber. The can be found in any timber ranging from the roof trusses, doors, window frames, built in cupboards etc.

QI find 'sand like' regular shaped grain on the floor, what is this?

A - It is the Frass (droppings) from Wood Borer usually found along skirting’s, in cupboards, under doors and in the roof. It is a sign of wood borer activity and is advisable to have an inspection done.


Q What is involved in an Electrical Inspection?

A – The electrician will test all lights,socket outlets, circuit Breakers, Distribution Boards and Earth Leakages. They will also test for Earth Continuity, Loop Impedance, Resistance and Voltage.

QWhat is not covered by the electrical CoC?

A – 1. Appliances such as: Geysers, (thermostats & elements), extractor fans, stoves, aircons, pool motors, intercoms, automatic gates, Jacuzzis, pool lamps, light bulbs, ceiling fans, transformers for downlights.

A – 2. Anything: Off a plug top, or that plugs in, or that is run off extension cords.

Q- Why are there so many faults as I had my compliance done a few months ago?

A - The contractor is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PREVIOUS WORK that has been done according to regulations. Because an item is in working order does not mean it complies with regulation.

Q - What if faults are noted after repairs?

A - After the repairs have been completed it is the Clients responsibility to report any faults within 7 Days POST Repair date.

QHow long is an Electric Coc Valid for?

A – An electrical certificate is valid for two year provided there is no change of ownership or alternations done to the installation. It is a NOT a guarantee certificate as it validates that at the date and time of the clearance that the property complied with regulation.

LP Gas

Q How long is my LP Gas Certificate valid for?
A – The LP Gas certificate is valid for 1 year and we recommend having your installation maintained regularly. 

Q What is covered by my Certificate? 
A – Only the Gas installation is covered by the certificate, the appliance is not included. 

QHow often should I conduct maintenance to my LP Gas Installation? 
A – We suggest having your installation inspected annually. 

QWhen does my installation need to be in a cage?
A – When the cylinder is outside and there is public access to it. Usually when you stay in a complex, Flats or gated estate properties where one or more boundary walls are not in place.

QWhen do I need a LP Gas certificate? 
A - You need a certificate if you have any LP Gas appliance Installations to your property such a geysers, stoves, fireplaces etc. Portable braai's and patio heaters are excluded.

Electric Fence 

Q Why is my electric fence not working and the alarm going off?
A – Vegetation is the main cause of this. We suggest keeping the vegetation be cut back at least 1m from the fence. 

QWhy am I hearing a ticking noise coming from my Electric fence? 
A – This could be caused by a few things however, we recommend checking that there is no vegetation touching the fence and also assess the bobbins as this could also be a cause. 

Q Why do I need a certificate? 
A - The new regulation states that an electric fence must now be certified with an electric fence system certificate of compliance (EFC) and all technicians need to be registered. 

Q Can my Electrician issue the Electric fence certificate?
A- Electricians cannot issue carry out electric fence certification unless the electrician is also qualified in terms of the new electric fence laws and has been registered with the Department of Labour.

QHow do I know if I need an Electric Fence certificate?
A – If you have access to turn the electric fence on and off then you need to get a certificate. You do not need a certificate for your neighbor’s fence on the boundary wall. 

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