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The Entomology clearance certificate covers all wood-destroying insects, the species vary in different areas but the most common ones found include Cryptotermes Brevis (wood borer common to east coast areas) and white ants commonly known as termites.

After an initial inspection we will inform the seller if there is any evidence of infestation or

if live activity is found. Should there be no live wood destroying insects found at the time of inspection a clearance certificate will be issued.

If infestation is found, an inspection report accompanied by a quotation is provided outlining the corrective procedure required. All treatments are usually for the seller’s expense and has to be done before the property transfers.

Treatment recommendations will vary for different types of wood destroying insects. Most commonly fumigation for wood borer, and drilling and injecting through a slab for a white ants infestation.

During a house fumigation all residents and pets are required to vacate the premises for 48 hours. A detailed list of precautions and procedures are provided.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The fumigant does not leave a residue to prevent further infestation. It is very possible to have new infestations re-introduced onto the property during their flight season (warmer months of the year) hence annual inspections are recommended to determine the level of activity, if any.

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